12 Chicken Wings £10.00
4 Bottles of Bulmers£10.00
4 Bottles of Desperados£10.00
4 Bottles of Estrella£10.00
4 Bottles of Old Mout - Berries & Cherries£10.00
4 Bottles of Old Mout - Kiwi & Lime£10.00
4 Bottles of Old Mout - Pineapple & Raspberry£10.00
4 Bottles of Old Mout - Strawberry & Pomegranate£10.00
4 Bottles of Sol£10.00
6 Chicken Wings £5.50
Any Spirit with Any Mixer
Aperol Spritz£7.00
Avocado Cake£4.00
Bang Bang Beef Noodles£10.00
Bang Bang Chicken Noodles£10.00
Bang Bang Halloumi Noodles£10.00
Beavertown Neck Oil - 1 Pint£4.50
Beavertown Neck Oil - 2 Pints£8.50
Bert’s Steak & Ale Pie £8.00
Birra Moretti - 1 Pint£4.00
Birra Moretti - 2 Pints£7.50
Blue Moon - 1 Pint£4.50
Blue Moon - 2 Pints£8.50
BX Fried Chicken £10.00
BXFC Pizza£10.00
Calaveras Vino Blanco (White)£10.00
Calaveras Vino Tinto (Red)£10.00
Charlie Zin Zinfandel Rose£10.00
Cheesecake - Honeycomb£4.00
Cheesecake - Raspberry & White Chocolate£4.00
Cheesy Garlic Bread£6.50
Dirty BX Chicken Fries£5.50
Fish & Chips £10.00
Food end of day balance£1.00
Garlic Bread£6.00
Garlic Bread with Tomato and Chilli£6.50
Get yer Goat Pizza£10.00
Hell's Pizza£10.00
Kids BX Chicken£5.00
Kids Cheeseburger & Chips£5.00
Kids Fish & Chips£5.00
Kids Margherita Pizza£5.00
Kids Pepperoni Pizza£5.00
Lady Justice£7.00
Malteser Crepes£4.00
Maple & Bacon Fries£6.00
Margherita Pizza£8.00
Mexican Fries£5.50
Nanna Norm's Cheese Pie £10.00
Pepperoni Pizza£10.00
Pornstar Martini£7.00
Punk IPA - 1 Pint£4.50
Punk IPA - 2 Pints£8.50
Railway Burger £10.00
Salt n Pepper Chips£4.50
Salt n Pepper Sharer£16.00
Strawberry Daiquiri£7.00
The Big Sharer£25.00
The King of Filth Burger £12.00
Vegan Bean Chilli Fries£5.00
Vegan Fish & Chips £9.00
Wet end of day balance£1.00