waffles, pancakes and shakes

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bubble waffles

Try this delicious, crazy fun desserts. They’ll make your day!

NameDescriptionPriceAdd to Order
Banoffee Nut Pie Bubble WaffleVanilla Ice cream, banana, ferraro Rocher, Nutella, toffee sauce£8.00
Mint Choc Chip Bubble WaffleMint choc chip ice cream, vanilla ice cream, After Eight Mints, Mint Matchmakers, chocolate sauce£8.00
Salted Caramel & Biscoff Bubble WaffleVanilla Ice cream, crushed biscoff, salted caramel sauce, biscoff biscuits, curly wurly, and white chocolate£8.00
Unicorn Bubble WaffleBubblegum and vanilla Ice cream, unicorn cone, fizzy rainbow belts, rainbow drops and strawberry sauce£8.00
Oreo Bubble WaffleOreo ice cream, crushed Oreo cookies, chocolate sauce and Oreo bites£8.00


Made to order and finished with your favourite toppings.

NameDescriptionPriceAdd to Order
Crêpe PancakesTraditional pancakes. £4 per portion plus 50p per topping. £4.00

freak shakes & smoothies

Part shake, part dessert. Amazingly good!

NameDescriptionPriceAdd to Order
Oreo and Kinder Bueno Freak ShakeOreo milkshake with cream, Oreo, white kinder Bueno, chocolate sauce and white chocolate sauce£7.00
Banana Salted Caramel Biscoff Freak ShakeBanana milkshake, cream Biscoff crumble, salted caramel sauce and bananas£7.00
Chocolate Nutty Kit Kat Freak ShakeChocolate milkshake, cream, Nutella sauce, Kit Kat and waffle cone£7.00
Strawberry Eton Mess Freak ShakeVanilla ice cream, cream, fresh strawberries, Meringue, Strawberry Sauce£7.00
Banana & Strawberry SmoothieBanana and strawberries smoothie made with milk and yoghurt£5.00
The Green Vegan SmoothieAlmond milk, spinach, avocado, pineapple and chia seeds£5.00

If you're lucky enough to appear under 25 at the time of collecting any alcoholic beverages, you will be asked to provide appropriate photo I.D. Failure to provide I.D. will result in alcoholic purchases being withheld. A refund for the purchase price of withheld items will be made to the original card holder within 28 days.

GF = GLUTEN FREE   GFA = GLUTEN FREE AVAILABLE (please request in order notes)   V = VEGETARIAN   VE = VEGAN